Half                                      Full                                             

Meat (steak, roast, chicken, etc. )                                    45.00                                  62.00

Starches (Mac n Cheese, mash, etc.)                            35.00                                 52.00

Vegetables (Collard Greens, Cabbage, etc.)                 20.00                                 30.00

Cakes            Small    15.00            Large   25.00     Costume cake prices are discussed 

Cake pops , cup cakes, and brownies                                 (5)  5.50      (12)  12.24    (25)  23.25   (50)   43.50   (100)  83.00

Chocolate covered fruit                                   Priced by the fruit type and amount 

Chocolate covered sandwich cookies         Priced by the amount and design

* Labor and tax not included

Anything in your imagination just contact us and we can discuss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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